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overview granite products

We offer black and grey granite only from the highest ranking :


a.   slabs – in – stock 

  1. cloudy white granite
  2. jet black plus granite
  3. Z black granite – new river washed
  4. supreme black granite
  • other natural stone on demand


b.   custom – made to order

  1. tiles, mostly big sizes
  2. wall cladding
  3. tombstone
  4. tabletops
  5. and more


We do like to listen to our customer during the meeting in order to inform about our possibilities. We present also representative samples of black and grey natural stone with different finishes without excluding other colors.

We always do great effort to supply consistently the same granite, type and finish from the same quarries in order to minimize differences with previous delivery. However, with the knowledge that layers in the same quarry may vary. Granite is finally a product of nature and is not manufactured in a factory.

We aim to build up a personalized longterm business relationship with our customers.